Automatic Digital Refractometer Touch Screen

Salient Features

    Fully automatic measuring system
    Touch Screen display
    Measure the °Brix of sugar solution
    Display the temperature of sample
    Correct effect of temperature on the °Brix automatically
    Memory upto 1024 results
    Reading Time 2 seconds.
    Calibration password protected
    Easy clean prism & Simple operation
    User can set the Scan times, Type, Revise, Sample ID, Calender

    Automatic Digital Refractometer Touch Screen This instrument can widely be used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, sugar refining and food industries, as well as in related colleges, universities and scientific research institutions for measuring refractive index nD of transparent, semi transparent liquid. This instrument can also be used to measure the °Brix (BX) of the sugar solution, and correct the effect of temperature on the °Brix automatically. In addition, this instrument can also display the temperature of the sample.



Measuring range - Refractive index nD 1.30000-1.70000
°Brix (BX) 0 - 100 %
Measuring accuracy- Refractive index nD ±0.00002
Dissolved solids °Brix ±0.1%
Measuring resolution - Refractive index nD V 0.00001
Dissolved solids °brix 0.01%
Temperature display range 0-50°C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Ambient temperature 10°- 35°C
Memory & Output 1024 data & RS232 Interface
Power Supply AC 220V / 50Hz
Display Touch Screen
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 330 x 215 x 150
Weight 3 kg