Ceramic Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

Salient Features

    Digital LCD display with back light
    Big Size Ceramic hot plate with flame protection and durability
    Heating and stirring can proceed simultaneously.
    Temperature & Stirring speed is stepless adjusted.
    Real temperature & speed display on the screen simultaneously
    Two sensors, outside PT 100 sensor controls the liquid temperature, inside K type sensor control the hot plate temperature (selectable)
    Over temperature alarm
    Connect the temperature probe and place into glass container being stirred to measure and maintain the object temperature. Accuracy is 1 C.
    Stir Bar, Temperature Probe, Stand, Instruction Manual

model LMMS-5LC


Display Digital
Speed(RPM) 100-1600
Plate Size(mm) 190 x 190
Top Plate Size Ceramic
Max. Volume (ml) 5000
Temp. Controller PID
Max Temp. ( Plate Surface) 300C
Temp.resolution 0.1C
Temp. Accuracy 0.5C
Power Wattage 600 W
Power supply AC 220V / 50Hz
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 300 x 190 x 126
Weight 5 kg