Benchtop Conductivity / C

Salient Features

    Multipoint push - button calibration allows user to uses customized calibration solutions [Up to 3 points, Default 84uS, 1413uS, 12.88mS and 111.8mS]
    Auto - Ranging for conductivity and TDS measurements.
    Selectable TDS conversion factors and temperature units ( C or F)
    Adjustable TDS factors, cell constants and temperature units.
    Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensures highly accurate measurements over the entire range.
    Automatic endpoint function freezes the stable measured values for easy reading and recording data.
    Help message as a operational guide to helps you understand how to use meter.
    Setup menu lets user customizes calibration points, temperature units, automatic or manual hold function, auto-off feature to meet personal preferences.
    Reset function allows user to returns all settings to the factory default values

model LMCM-20


Conductivity Range 0.00 to 200.0 ms (0.00 to 1.999,19.99,199.9,1999 ps, 19.99,) in five auto ranges
Conductivity Accuracy 1% F.S
Temperature Range 0 to100C
Temperature Accuracy +1C
Temperature Coefficient 0 to 3.9% per C
Calibration Points Single point
Cell Constant 0.1, 1.0, 10 ( adjustable )
Temperature Compensation 0 to 50C, Manual or Automatic
Power Supply DC 9V adapters, using AC 220V / 50Hz,
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 210 X 205 X 65
Weight 1.75 kg